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EWA School Dress Code Guidelines

School uniforms are required for all students attending East Wake Academy.  All uniforms are to be neat, clean and in good condition.  Torn, tattered, or dirty uniforms are unacceptable!   East Wake Academy students are to wear only school approved shirts and bottoms.  Educational Outfitters and Flynn O'Hara are the uniform providor for East Wake Academy. Orders may be placed online at http://www.educationaloutfitters.com and www.flynnohara.com/school/nc035


  • The guidelines for the Dress Code are listed below:

o  All shirts are to be tucked into pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, etc. at all times (young men and ladies) at all times.  All pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and shirts are to be worn around the waist and are not to be lowered, rolled down, or under.  Shorts, skorts, and skirts are not to have the hemlines shortened. Skirts, shorts, and skorts, can be no shorter than three inches above the knee in both the back and front of the leg.

o  Only school approved sweaters or school sweatshirts are to be worn indoors during school hours.  Hoodies in solid navy or those that are purchased from Educational Outfitters or Flynn O'Hara may be worn in grades 5-12. 

o  Belts with plain, small buckles must be worn with all pants, shorts, and skirts with belt loops. (K-1 belts not required)

o  Tights with feet or footless tights may be worn in white, navy, black, brown and tan. Full length leggings may be worn under uniform skirts, skorts, shorts or pants in colors white, black, navy, brown, and tan.

o  Sandals, open back shoes, flip-flops, or platform shoes are NOT allowed.  Shoes must be correctly laced and tied at all times.

o  Male students hair should be neat and not in the face or below the collar.  Male students’ facial hair should be neatly trimmed at all times.  No Mohawks or scalp designs are allowed.

o  If earrings are being worn, dangle earrings are to be removed during physical education. Young men are not to wear earrings at any time.

o  No body piercing is to be displayed.  No Band-Aids to cover body piercing will be permitted.

o  Make-up should be held to a minimum and should not be applied while at school.  No glitter on face or body.

o  Non-natural hair coloring is not permitted for young men or ladies. (ex. Orange, purple, red streaks, multicolor, or other non-natural hair colorings.)

o  No sunglasses, hats or caps, visors or headgear of any kind are to be worn at any time on school grounds (this includes Physical Education and Recess!).  Any violations will be confiscated and will not be returned until the last day of school.

o  Uniforms are to be worn at all times!  A change of clothing can occur only after school is dismissed.  A change of clothing is required for 5th grade and up during Physical Education in approved school PE uniform.


Please make sure that your child is in compliance each morning before coming to school.  East Wake Academy administration has the authority to determine whether or not an item is acceptable to dress code.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office.


Special Clothing and Regulations by HOUSE


Knit Dress

Plaid Jumpers

Burgundy, Hunter Green, Navy or White Polo Shirt

EWA Jackets provided by EO or plain Navy – no logo

Middle School:

No Knit Dresses

No Plaid Jumpers

Sky Blue Polo Shirt

Plaid Skirt

EWA Jackets provided by EO or plain Navy – no logo   

High School:

Red Polo Shirt

EWA Jackets provided by EO or plain Navy or Grey – no logo


Athletic Dress Code:

MALE:  Button down dress shirt (tucked in), tie or bowtie, dress shoes, dress slacks, (blazer or               nice sweater optional)


FEMALE:  Dresses with sleeves no shorter than 3 inches above the knee in both the back and front of the leg, or dress blouse with dress slacks, no denim, leggings can be worn under a dress, shoes follow school dress policy.


Educational Outfitters Incident Report

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