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Kim Vann-Hunt, Speech Therapist


It is so very important that you practice your child's speech and language goals with them at home on a daily basis.  It is the difference between progress and stagnation.  As with any other skill, such as playing the piano, dance, speaking a foreign language, if we do not practice these new found skills, we eventually lose them.  There are 168 hours in a week. If I see a child once a week for half an hour, that gives the child 167˝ hours between sessions for the brain pathways we just spent 30 minutes building and reinforcing to atrophy from lack of practice. A daily speech therapy home practice program can go a long way toward maintaining the progress a child makes in therapy, and can make the difference between noticeable improvement and month after month of therapy with little or no change.

A home program does not need to be a major time commitment on your part, but it is important. I am asking parents to try to practice five to ten minutes every day with your child. I have listed some websites with lots of free activities you can download, print, and use with your child. Be creative with your approach.  Practice with your child while driving to school every morning.  Ask them to tell you about their day using their good speech sounds.  
When I do speech therapy, games are some of my most important tools. Developmentally appropriate games are incredibly valuable tools for shaping the growth of your child’s developing brain, including language development. They also provide a setting for practicing appropriate interaction skills, turn-taking, and cooperation with others.  Make sure that you reward your child for their effort with lots of verbal praise (great job, good try) and they always love stickers.   I look forward to working with you and your child this year.  If we work as a team, I know that we will have a productive year.

Contact Info:
Kimberly Vann-Hunt, M.Ed. CCC-SLP
Elementary Building ext. 1003

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