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Student Service Team (SST)

SOS Program Info

Mission Statement:

To assist in the successful fulfillment of the Spectrum mission to insure “…academic and social success of all students…” Student support services will include prevention, intervention, transition and follow-up services for students and families.  Student support service professionals will provide direct services for all children and youth, especially those who are experiencing problems that create barriers to learning.  Direct services will be provided by means of education, counseling, consultation and individual assessment.  In addition, student support services personnel will provide in-service training, parent education, community collaboration and carry out student services program management.  Student support services are a vital part of comprehensive school program success.


Goals of Student Services:

Student Support Services will...

  • Be proactive in student support.  Help and support will be given to students before a major problem arises.

  • Promote social, academic, physical and emotional support to ensure success in all aspects of life. 

  • Provide support and interventions to level the playing field for all students, so ALL students can be successful.

  • Educate and communicate with the students, staff, parents, and community through the use of newsletters, emails, etc.

  • Identify students that need help, get them the help they need, and have them progress to a point to be able to exit the EC program. 

  • To successfully graduate/matriculate strong, independent, lifelong achievers. 

What is Student Services?


The Student Success Team (SST) is a problem-solving process in a school. Its purpose is to find ways around roadblocks to success for any student referred to it. A number of recent events and decisions both national and state have placed markedly increased importance on the SST process:

  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 has been strongly emphasized by the federal government as applicable to the schools' handling of certain student difficulties. SST documentation can meet most Section 504 requirements.

  • The realization that conditions beyond mere academics play a pivotal role for students at risk of failure.

  • School-based management and problem solving have become one of the recognized successes in the national education reform movement.

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